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Possum Trot Auction

December 17th, 2014

Video By: Rachael Gamlin. The Possum Trot Auction is held every Friday night “rain or shine” in Seale, AL. Related Story: Butch, John Henry and the Possum Trot Related Story: The Life and Times of Butch & John Henry

Fantasy In Lights

December 16th, 2014

Story By: Amanda Foster. Video By: Ashley Kotero. Young children run and play, enchanted by the twinkling lights all around. Teens huddle by the campfire to gather warmth and roast the perfect marshmallow. Moms and dads clutch their hot chocolates, steaming hot in the cold air. It is a brisk fall night in Pine Mountain, […]

The Trail More Traveled By

December 16th, 2014

Story By: Caroline Given. Video By: Chris Williams. Etchings that read “Moosehead Tree,” “Whisky Still Campsite,” “Elephant Rock” and “Wolfden Loop” spark giggles and questions from all passersby. Wooden mileage signs boast these unique names that mark each road crossing, trailhead, junction, campsite and parking lot on Pine Mountain Trail in west central Georgia. The […]

Roosevelt Stables

December 16th, 2014

Story By: Lynden Blake. Smiling faces wait at the end of a gravel road. Miller the dog barks a friendly greeting to you from his sanctuary. Keith Flory, owner of Roosevelt Riding Stables, shouts, “Hey! How y’all doing?” from a rocking chair on the front porch of a cabin. If a man and woman walk […]

Bulloch House

December 5th, 2014

Story By: Samaria Terry and Emily Ghezzi. Imagine a delicious country dinner consisting of savory fried chicken, heaping mounds of mashed potatoes and the most delectable fried green tomatoes. Dessert at the Bulloch House is also at its southern best with such offerings as caramel cake, pecan pie and banana pudding. The restaurant is homed […]

Warm Springs Fish Hatchery

December 2nd, 2014

Video By: Samaria Terry. The Warm Springs National Fish Hatchery is a warm water hatchery propagating species such as striped bass, sturgeon, and paddlefish. This story was produced with the support of The Historic Chattahoochee Commission    

Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center

December 2nd, 2014

Video By: Meg McGuffin with Introduction By: Claire Nolan. Stories By: Shannon Smith. In the heart of Callaway Gardens is the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center, an ecosystem that holds more than 1,000 butterflies and the different types of plants needed to keep them alive. The glass butterfly conservatory is open year round to breed […]

Song of the CCC

November 25th, 2014

Story By: Derek Herscovici. “To Young Men With Ambition” begins the handbook of the Civilian Conservation Corps, an out-of-print publication that at one time found its way into the hands of millions of young men. A clarion call to the depths of the Great Depression, a way out of economic ruin and unemployment, the foot […]

Hockey Down South

November 25th, 2014

Story By: Devon Lindsey. Columbus, Georgia is home to several popular attractions and historic sites but it is also home to one of the southern most hockey teams in the United States. The Columbus Cottonmouths, also know as the “Snakes”, are a part of the Southern Professional Hockey League. Hockey, known for being more popular […]

Tradition Never Fades

November 25th, 2014

Story By: Allison Mynard. Video By: Alex Derencz. In historic Downtown Opelika, Coca-Cola is refreshing the community with a newly discovered but old attraction. This discovery, housed in one of the Opelika’s oldest businesses, is surrounded by history and hardware. Winston Smith T. Building Supply Company has been bustling with retired men convening about their […]